Legacy Winches


Our standard product line has changed over the years, but we can still support clients who have previously purchased or specifically need an older winch model. 


Contact us to learn which of our current models can best suit your needs if you are interested in the features on a legacy winch model.



CMW-2 (Legacy design)

This now-defunct winch model has been superseded by our current fully-enclosed CSW-10 model.

CMW-2 V1 Winch aboard the Breaker

We present some pictures of our CMW-2 V1 Winch aboard the Deep BV vessel "Breaker".

CSW-10 (Legacy Design)

This now-defunct version of the CSW-10 was a much larger version of the CSW-7 to accommodate a larger dru...

Field trip with Rockland Scientific

PID-02 (Legacy Design)

A.G.O.'s compact winches are designed to be easily portable and are ideal for light loads such as dr...