A.G.O. Environmental manufactures direct-drive level wind systems for winches. They include all the parts required: speed reducer, reversing screw, follower pawl, pawl house, calble rollers and linking assembly chains and sprocket ratios.

Smooth spooling of the cable is very difficult to achieve in real-world applications. The smooth spooling of a cable is dependent on four primary factors: the tension of the cable, the stickiness of the cable, the fair lead and the first wrap condition. Our mechanism powers the traveller and rollers from the drive axle. The gearing for this drive is designed specifically for a single winch and cable combination and is designed to lay an optimum wrap at first layer of cable. As the length of cable on each wrap varies the level wind mechanisam will not work smoothly with every wrap, but it will cause the imperfect wraps to be spread to the full width of the drum.

For more information on these systems and how they can be customized to suit your requirements, please contact us.