The PID-02 is a one-man portable winch designed for oceanographic and geophysics research applications. This versatile model is capable of lifting and lowering small instrument payloads. It is a lightweight and compact unit with a drum capacity of up to 1500 m of 1/8” (3 mm) wire-line. Please, contact us for more information on load pull and line speed. 

With a sturdy welded aluminum tubular frame and drum, the PID-02 winch is easy to transport in small boats and in small aircraft.

Motor Variants:

  • 0.5 HP to 2 HP permanent magnet motor @ 90/180 VDC with regenerative drive controller powered from 110/220 VAC single phase (generator, inverter or ship's power)
  • 0.125 HP to 1 HP permanent magnet motor @ 12/24/48 VDC with PWM drive controller powered from 12-48 VDC batteries
  • Manual drives with two-speed or three-speed gearboxes
  • Auxiliary gas or electric drill adaptor for the manual drive gearboxes


  • Typical Frame dimensions up to 40” L x 25” W x 15” H but may vary depending on certain configuration
  • 1” Frame tubing
  • With drum, the overall height is approximately 27” (31” electric version)
  • 16” to 27” drum flange diameters and 6.625” to 16” drum core diameters are available.
  • Nominal weight without wire - 110 lbs (50 Kg) manual, 290 lbs (132 kg) electric
  • Powder coated aluminum frame
  • Two man portable
  • Manual version: 2-speed (1:1 and 1.8:1) and 3-speed (approximately 1:5, 1:10 and 1:12.5 reduction) gearboxes with removeable drive handle
  • Electric version: Variable speed controller mounted on the frame
  • Manual disc brake
  • Manual hand crank backup possible with electric models (require the clutch option)
  • Drum capacity: up to 1.5 Km of 1/8" wire line - dependent on drum core
  • Electric version: Typical speed: 21 meters/min with 36 kg load
  • Speed reducer: combination of worm gear and sprocket chain
  • Other load capacities / line speeds available with sprocket changeover

​PID-02 winches include disc brakes and pin locks for control of the deployed cable, plus carrying handles for transporting the winch. The PID-02 includes a drilled main shaft and drum allowing the addition of various slip ring models, including the AGO-SR06 and Hangzhou Prosper models sold by A.G.O.

Also applicable to borehole operations. This winch offers a smaller size than the PID-03 and PID-04 but sacrifices the removeable drum feature.

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