The DBW-5ELW is the larger version of the DBW-5 bolt-together winch with a wide drum for increased cable capacity.  It has a fully-enclosed plate-style bolt-together frame and is ideal for medium duty applications in industries such as oceanography and ROV tethering.  It can accommodate many standard AGO winch add-ons, including a levelwind, drum ratchet, sprocket-assisted manual backup, and more.

It is characterized by a standard 20" wide drum positioned in front of a veritcally-oriented motor + gearbox stack.



Oceanographic applications, such as:  turbulence profiling, CTD profiling, side scan sonar and magnetometer towing, Rosette water sampling, towed instrument sleds, environmental and pipeline monitoring, grab samplers, capture nets.

Other applications, such as:  ROV tethering for pipeline inspections


Motor Variants:

The DBW-5ELW can be configured for medium and higher power motors depending on application needs.  If your application requires a higher motor power than can be supported by the voltage sources available at your intended point-of-use, contact us for advice on alternative options for working with the power you have available.

Motor options for different input power sources:

Winch input power Motor options
240 VAC 1-phase Up to 2HP DC motors
Up to 3HP AC motors
240 VAC 3-phase Up to 5HP AC motors
460 VAC 3-phase Up to 5HP AC motors

AGO rarely makes systems with higher than 5HP motors as these systems require significantly heavier duty electrical and mechanical systems that our shop usually is not equipped to accommodate.


Approximate size and weight:

The DBW-5ELW winch size is primarily driven by the required drum flange size and motor size.

Sample dimensions for a 2HP model with 23" diameter flanges:  34"H x 51"L x 37"W

Sample weight for a 2HP model with 23" diameter flanges:  540lbs




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