Large-sized free-wheeling Vector Drive AC winch for side-scan sonars and larger CTD packages. These larger winches are designed for greater cable and load capacity plus increased line speed greater than our CSW series winches. They include 3 phase AC Washdown or Stainless Steel motors controlled with the AC Vector Drive system with all of its features such as Network Control, sequencing, joystick opperation etc.


CTD winch, marine magnetometer, side scan sonar, mooring, general purpose oceanographic winch

Motor Variants:

  • 5.0 HP to 20 HP 3-phase AC motor and AC Vector Drive (VFD) Controller, powered by 240 VAC (3-phase) or 380/460/600 VAC (3-phase)


  • Nominal frame dimensions are 46"/116.8 cm L x 44"/111.8 cm W x 47"/119.4 cm H - (48"/121.9 cm W including mounting pads at bottom)
  • 27”/68.5 cm diameter flanges, 16”/40.5 cm diameter core, and 12”/30.5 cm drum width (custom sizes available and drum width up to 36"/91.4 cm)
  • A fully enclosed frame on standard 12"/30.5 cm drum up to 20"/51 cm.  A separate bolt on drum cage on 21"/53 cm drum width and above
  • Rochester Coax Cable Capacity:
    • 3100ft/950m of 6.4mm
    • 2000ft/600m of 8.2mm
    • 1000ft/300m of 11.43mm
  • Nominal weight 1100 lbs to 1600 lbs (500 kg to 726 kg) (without cable, depending on motor, gearbox, and options selected)
  • Powder-coated 6061-T6 1-1/2” Aluminum tubular frame with 4 mounting pad on 5HP and 7.5HP system depending on load
  • Powder-coated 6061-T6 2” Aluminum tubular frame with 6 mounting pad on 7.5HP and 10HP system depending on load
  • Aluminum lifting guides for lifting straps
  • Positive action dog clutch allows free-wheeling for towing and paying out of line (only on 2000ft/600m drum capacity and lower)
  • Drum pin lock
  • High Efficiency Steel gearbox on 5HP and 7.5HP System
  • All motors are brakemotor setup
  • Slip ring ready – up to 24 conductor slip rings are available
  • Ready to accept FOCAL 180 Slip ring
  • Watertight sub-sea connectors except for input AC plug (watertight AC plug available)
  • Single Stainless Steel Electrical Box for all electrical components such as the controller, power disconnect, power filter, control transformer, and fuses
  • EMI shielded cabling, EMI cord grips, EMI inline filter
  • Manual hand crank backup with chain reduction for retrieval without ship's power (only available with dog clutch setup)
  • Powered level wind for spooling cable
  • Slip ring adaptors and stainless steel cage for customer supplied slip rings
  • AGO-SR series stainless steel slip rings with military style IP67 connectors or MCBH style subsea connectors
  • Emergency Stop Switch (LED version available)


*** Level winds are standard on most designs. As these winches are completely built to order, lead times are more substantial than with A.G.O. manufactured CSW winches. Customization of designs is available. ***

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