PLC Control

The Remote Winch Control allows for real-time operation and control of winches installed in remote locations like a pier, light house, mooring buoy or on a ship's deck where the winch can be safely operated from a distance.  The user/operator will have the ability to control the winch speed, direction, start/stop as well as implementing variable deployment profiles based on cable payout/depth, time increments and more.  With both Virtual Private Network (VPN) and wireless network capabilities the user can remotely operate the winch from anywhere worldwide from a PC, tablet or even a smart phone.

The Winch Control software consists on a PLC based control of the winch motor controller and a JavaScript interface that requires a web browser to be executed.  Standard control using a joystick is still possible. The software can be configured to block the joystick as soon as the PC Control is turned on or to allow a hybrid mode where the winch can be controlled by a joystick but a remote user could take control at any moment (and automatically block the joystick).