Mechanically driven level wind

This device is designed to force the cable to one side so that the fleet angle remains in the optimum range. All level-wind systems require the cable to be under at least a minimal level of tension for the level-wind to operate. Slack cables in general do not provide smooth winding and level winds will not help if the cable is slack.

Our standard level-wind system is a direct-drive level wind mechanism. This mechanism powers the traveller and rollers from the drive axle rather than relying on manual power. The gearing for this drive is designed specifically for a single winch and cable combination and is designed to lay an optimum wrap at first layer of cable. As the length of cable on each wrap varies the level wind mechanisam will not work smoothly with every wrap, but it will cause the imperfect wraps to be spread to the full width of the drum. Typically these mechanisms should not be used if there are more than a five or six wraps on the drum as the wraps beyond this may become significantly uneven, to the extent that after the tenth wrap or more the level-wind may be acting in opposition to the ideal wrap.