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Mechanically driven level wind

This device is designed to force the cable to one side so that the fleet angle remains in the optimum range ensuring that the line is wound onto the reel in a uniform and level manner.


The CSW-10 is the bigger version of the CSW-7, our most popular and versatile design. The CSW-10 is useful for medium cable lengths combined with large cable bending diameters or heavy weights in almost any light-duty marine application.


A.G.O.'s bolt together winches are designed to be easily disassembled and are ideal for light and medium loads such as drop cameras, CTD profiling systems and almost any light-duty marine or borehole application.

LAR Platform for Towed Acoustic Projector System

LAR platform provided to GeoSpectrum Technologies Inc. as part of a bigger system that also includes five tow bodies, a towed receiver, and a dry end electronics rack.

CMW-2 V1 Winch aboard the Breaker

We present some pictures of our CMW-2 V1 Winch aboard the Deep BV vessel "Breaker".

Wide Drum CSW-9 Custom Winch

Custom CSW-9 designed with a wider drum for higher cable capacity.

Fugro Arctic Expedition

We had to visit the Dreamcatcher for some field upgrades and used the opportunity to take a few pictures of our winch.

The Franklin Expedition

AGO Environmental CSW-7 Winch helps reconnect Sir John Franklin’s ships to the world!


Large-sized free-wheeling Vector Drive AC winch for side-scan sonars and larger CTD packages. These larger winches are designed for greater cable and load capacity plus increased line speed greater than our CSW series winches.


A.G.O.'s PID winches are designed specifically for borehole / drill hole and logging applications such as geophysics surveys and mining exploration. The reels are removable and the winch can be disassembled and reassembled easily in the field.