One to four man portable electric and manually operated instrumentation winches with optional slip ring assemblies for oceanographic applications (e.g.: side scan sonar, marine magnetometers, CTD's), geophysics survey and mining exploration applications (e.g.: borehole winch) or balloon winch

Winch Accessories

Electrical slip rings and level wind solutions for oceanographic applications

Underwater Equipment

Subsea video cameras, underwater lights and underwater lasers

Subsea pressure cases and underwater housings for instrument packages and submersible junction boxes in standard and custom sizes

Geophysics Instruments

Geophysics equipment and accessories including porous pots for IP or SP surveys

Watertight Subsea and Underwater Electrical Connectors

Waterproof inline and bulkhead electrical connectors for subsea and underwater applications; custom cable terminations and molding

Environmental Monitoring

As the Canadian Representatives of General Oceanics we offer all their products.

LED Light Panels

LED Light Panels, ideal for use in boats due to their high efficiency. Available in different colors and sizes.