In addition to our standard winches, we can make custom modifications to our existing winch designs or design totally custom winches for specific applications.

Examples of previous custom winch projects include:

  • LTJ-1 modified for use as a capstan winch for JASCO Research Ltd, for hauling in tethered hydrophone buoy anchors on vessels of opportunity. Transportable as hand luggage.
  • CSW-7 modified for use by Carolina Unmanned Vehicles, for hauling in Sensor Aerostat Balloons. Custom drum protection frame.
  • PID-02 modified for use by Sonardyne International, for deploying ship-mounted sonar detectors. Custom roof-mounted frame and guards.
  • Custom heavy-duty winch for the US Navy Defense Intelligence Agency. Through-bore slip rings and large capacity.
  • Custom heavy-duty winch for the Large Area Reflective Telescope project, for handling the receiver aerostat.